Unfolding brands’ potential


We are brand strategists, designers, and brand managers. Our team explores, designs and helps brands grow and scale up. In this process, we’re unfolding a brand’s into remarkable ones. This collaborative process requires talented people and we’ve built a close-knit team that supports each other, values growth and has a positive attitude.

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Think, create. In that order. This has been our award-winning philosophy since 2002. We’ve applied this process in our work for various clients, such as Blue Billywig,, Rebel Architects, and DDinnovations. Our expertise helps unfold your brand’s full potential. Together, we will reveal what is remarkable about your brand.

Apply for one of our job postings, or send us an open application. We’re always happy to meet new talent.  

If you can’t see an opening for you, then maybe you can make one. We love to be challenged – so tell us why you’re the person we need.

How we act

Our way of working


Pirate’s philosophies at lunch (to lunch or not to lunch)

A table full of delicacies and discussing the deep (and not so deep) questions of life breaks our working day.


There’s the perfect spot for you on our boat

Promise. Different personalities bring in new ideas. We’re a wild bunch, connected through creativity, a passion for brands and tortilla wraps.


Calling a spade a spade

No beating around the bush – we’re honest with each other, thereby helping each other grow.


Diving into new waters

Grow your skills, explore new ideas and apply them to your (work-)life.


Train spotting

Real life ASMR – get inspiration while watching the trains come and go.


Claiming responsibility, getting freedom

You’re the designer of your own work day. Claim (and meet) your responsibilities and you’ll get a lot of freedom in return.


The i in Thursday is for inspiration

Every last Thursday of the month we have people over for presentations or workshops or inspire each other in our design meeting.


Clients are friends

Not enemies. We work with our clients - rather than for or against. Together we can create brands that they (and their clients) can relate to.


Passionate nitpickers

We don’t only create concepts, we also love bringing them to life. That comes with special attention to details.


(Never) breaking the grid

Perfectly aligned layouts are our not-so-guilty-pleasure. Still, we try to break the grid and come up with refreshing, unexpected solutions.


We’re all in the same boat

It takes a whole crew to unfold a brand’s potential. When the water gets rougher, there’s always a helping hand.


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WOLDA Awards


ICMA Awards

Our cases

The type of projects you will be working on

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