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WeFurn is a startup that provides sustainable and ergonomic workspaces for a fixed and affordable monthly fee. The company has a versatile and modern branding in language, form, and image. The branding is based on the sharing economy, a trend within the circular economy where resources are conserved by temporarily using instead of long-term owning. The name WeFurn stands for “We furniture your office,” and the short pay-off “You work” serves as a brand promise. The branding is centered around the core concept of an “ontzorgservice,” which means “worry-free service” in Dutch. This concept was used to create a complete brand passport.

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Annemarie van der Velde
WeFurn co-founder

“Iedereen verdient het om ergonomisch te werken. Of je nu een klein of groot bedrijf hebt. Waarom aanschaffen als we ook kunnen delen? Deze gedachte hebben Studio Piraat en alle andere betrokkenen partijen tot in de puntjes bewaakt in alles wat gecreëerd is. Wij zijn er erg trots op!”

Web development:  Pixelheads
Photography:  Mark David

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