apc holland
Waar verzekeren draait om mensen

How do we let the world of insurance revolve around people?

The insurance industry can be cluttered and impersonal. Due to continuous automation, custom care and humanity are lost. Apc holland believes in human-centred insurance. Our job was to translate their vision into a brand identity that revolves around apc’s greatest asset; people.

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Paul Röthengatter
apc holland

“The process with Studio Piraat was quite a revelation for us. As a consumer, you experience brands as something obvious, but you have no idea that there is so much thought behind them. I look back on a shared journey in which we created a story that is truly ours. It matches who we are. As a result, we ourselves "breathe" the story. Only then can you communicate a brand convincingly.”

Web development:  Pixelheads
Photography:  Michael Fischer

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