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We are strategists, designers, and brand managers. Together we explore, design, and grow brands ready to scale up their business. In this process, we’re unfolding brands into remarkable ones.

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We make brands remarkable



Branding is all about categorizing. Therefore, we design brands that speak the language of their category – we analyse and play with all unique visual opportunities to stand out in the grey. Suitable, yet unique.



Forget about frills; we don't design to design. Instead, we see design as a set of values to connect. We translate your characteristics into a consistent and self-evident brand identity.



Besides all the psychological theories about branding, we must not forget we're humans. We love pretty things, visuals that match our expectations and are a resting point for our eyes. Just because they fit.

Our cases

A glimps of our work

Selection of our clients

Paul Röthengatter
apc holland

“The process with Studio Piraat was quite a revelation for us. As a consumer, you experience brands as something obvious, but you have no idea that there is so much thought behind them. I look back on a shared journey in which we created a story that is truly ours. It matches who we are. As a result, we ourselves "breathe" the story. Only then can you communicate a brand convincingly.”

Manon Kleijwegt

“Studio Piraat is a knowledgeable party that really delivers what they promise. They are sympathetic and professional and felt like an extension of our team. I think a lot was delivered for the budgets that were available.”

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen
Rebel Architects

“Studio Piraat created a branding that reinforces our essence: Rebels with class. I would like to specifically thank Lot Mars, the young and talented graphic designer who surprised us with her innovative approach full of challenges and humour!”

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