How do you define creative talent?

by Jasper de Vink
February 2023
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by Jasper de Vink
February 2023
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Creative talent, perhaps more than any other sector, lies at the heart of the marcom industry. But creative talent is a broad term and talent alone is not enough to achieve the best (creative) work. Why does one agency become a success and another not? Jasper shares his view.

How do you define creative talent?

A creative talent is a quick thinker, has broad interests and a strong imagination. From this base, connections are made, ideas are developed and captured in a final product which can be very diverse in nature.

What do you think are the most important extras to maximise (creative) talent?

Vision/knowledge, guts/perseverance and a healthy dose of luck. Adding that creative talent comes into its own best in an environment where it feels safe and trusted. With the right guidance, direction and independence, you can see talents grow. After which, it is important to let them take big steps in their career, even at a young age, and to keep challenging them. For this, from the talent's point of view, it is important to look carefully for the place where they feel most comfortable and get attention with people who can give them the right push.

True or false: there is a lot of creative talent in the Netherlands.

True: there is a lot of creative talent in the Netherlands. It should be noted that the potential at art academies, colleges and universities is not fully realised. As a result, it can be difficult for creative talent to properly showcase their work to future employers. A better connection from education to the labour market is essential for this.

Shining example:

Crisp: from the mission statement, creativity is portrayed throughout the organisation; from ordering and delivery to talent recruitment. Clever how this is sustained with the growth they are experiencing


This interview was part of a larger interview conducted by FONK magazine - #356 DEFINE TALENT

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